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  • Dear Mom of an Adopted Child
    Dear Mom of an Adopted Child

    Dear Mom of An Adopted Child, By Kathy Lynn Harris of; an accomplished Author, Blogger, and Adoptive Mom writes this poignoint piece approriate also for prospective adoptive moms in waiting for domestic adoption or international adopt. Read more →

  • Keeping The Promise: The Critical Need for Post-Adoption Services to Enable Children and Families to Succeed

    Author: Susan Livingston Smith Published: 2010 October. New York NY: Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute ( An extensive examination of adoptive families in the United States, concludes that too many are not receiving the essential services they need, and calls for a reshaping of national priorities and resources to develop and provide such services. In an effort to demonstrate the Read more →

  • Reluctant Partner/Spouse on Domestic Adoption
    Reluctant Partner/Spouse on Domestic Adoption

    To adopt or not to adopt? When biology fails us, some couples feel the topic of children is closed, period, end of story. Some may be in a seriously malfunctioning marital devise over the topic. Lots of couples have been-or presently are-deeply divided over the concern of adoption, so much so that it can put a marital relationship on the Read more →

  • Adoption Portrayed on Television

    Television shows that involve adoption can be an excellent way to help facilitate discussions with your child on his/her adoption. I encourage you to read this article even if you haven’t yet adopted, as it may help to prepare you for these sometimes rough conversations with not only your child-to-be, but also with family and the general public. Adoption is Read more →

  • 7 Must-Ask Questions for Adoption Professionals

    by Sandy Parker, CEO/Founder, Adoptive Mom & Advocate One of the most overwhelming processes in adoption: Who to work with to help make your dreams of family building via adoption a reality…and quickly! When trying to decide which professional(s) to work with for your adoption journey; whether it’s an adoption agency, multiple agencies, a referral organization, and/or an adoption attorney Read more →